MFB Modul Drum 06 - Tom Tom


Discontinued model, only few left. Sales only as long as sales last.

Analog tom tom module with the sound of the toms from MFB´s own 503 drum computer. Just like on the 503 several parameters can be edited, like tune, pitch, decay and additionally noise.



  • Decay controls the decay time of the two tonal oscillators that can range up to 2 seconds.
  • You can set the tune of the tom tom in a range of approx. 80 to 300 Hz.
  • Pitch controls the length of the pitch bend  while the modulation depth is fixed.
  • With the  panorama parameter you can set the panorama position in the stereo field of the two-channel module output.
  • Attack will set the attack volume of the tom toms.
  • Noise adds a noise signal to the sound.

The tom tom can be triggered with different signals. You don´t have to use analog or digital trigger necessarily - use drumpads, piezos or dynamic microphones. The sens-parameter lets you adjust the trigger input sensitivity. Dynamic triggers will not only affect the volume but also the length and pitch.


Ein Triggereingang, CV-Eingänge für Decay, Pitch, Tune und Panoramaposition. Zwei Audioausgänge: LandR.


3HE Eurorack-Modul; Modulbreite: 12TE; Modultiefe 24mm.

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