MFB - Dual LFO


The Dual LFO offers two identical yet independent voltage controllable LFOs. Both have CV inputs with attenuator and a reset input. Crossmodulation makes the module very interesting



If there is nothing plugged in the CV inputs the LFOs control each other's rate vice versa and the attenuators determine the modulation depth. This is cool for crossmodulation-modulations.
The rates are between 10 seconds and 100 Hz.

Select between the waveforms with a switch. LFO 1 offers triangle, sawtooth and pulse wheras LFO 2 provides triangle, sawtooth and Sample & Hold.
The output voltage range is +/- 5V.


per LFO: CV input, Reset inout, LFO output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 21mm deep
power consumption: +/-30mA

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