MFB modular OSC02 Triple VCO


With the OSC-02 MFB offers now also a real analog Oszillator. Like the OSC-01 there are three independent Oszillators under the frontplate. They can be controlled via the same CV 1 or with one CV each. Furthermore the module is equiped with an digital ringmodulator. For each oszillator there is one switch for choosing the waveform.



All oszillators offer the waveforms triangle, pulse and sawtooth. Oszillator 1 and 2 are syncable to oscillator 3 or to an external hard-sync. Each oszillator has its own tune potentiometer and CV. Additional all three can be controlled via CV in 1. The pulsewidth of oszillator 1 and 2 can be modulated. The signal of oszillator 1 and 2 go thru a digital ringmodulator.


vorausichtlich verfügbar ab April 2008


CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4, CV 5, CV 6, Sync in, Ringmod out, Out 1, Out 2, Out 3 Alle Buchsen in Miniklinke-Ausführung (3,5mm).


Modul fuer 3HE System / Modulbreite 16TE entsprechend 128,4mm x 80mm / Modultiefe incl. Reglerkappen ca. 37mm / Einbautiefe (ab Rückseite Frontplatte) 21mm Stromaufnahme: ?mA / Gewicht: 130g incl. Verpackung

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