MFB modular SEQ1 Drum-Sequencer


Discontinued model, only few left. Sales only as long as sales last.

The module SEQ-1 is a trigger sequencer with 12 tracks and the classic chasing light programming of the Roland TR-series: choose an instrument, set the steps, ready and on to the next one. The 12 trigger outputs don´t have to be used for trighgering drums only, you might as well rhythmically trigger envelopes, Sample&Holds, clock dividers, switches.



16 patterns can be programmed and saved. Each pattern has 12 tracks and two variations A and B or A/B which allows you to create a pattern lenghth of 32 steps. By using the /- inputs you can step forward or backward through the patterns! Each trigger track features a separate trigger output. The sequencer accepts external clock but also has an internal clock generator. Both work either with 16ppq or 96ppq resolution, the latter enabling 7 shuffle modes! Three accent levels possible (off, on, maximum). The output trigger voltage can be set globally in four levels (0-1V, 0-2,5V, 0-5V und 0-10V). Reset is possible via external trigger or can be programmed internally.


inputs: reset, pattern (+), Pattern (-), Clock in, start/stop in.
outputs: 12x Trigger-Out, Clock-Out


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 21mm deep. Current draw: 90mA

1 kg
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