MFB – Nanozwerg Pro


Small, yet powerful – The Nanozwerg Pro is a semi-modular synthesizer voice for Eurorack systems. It contains one VCO plus sub oscillator and a noise generator, followed by a -12 dB multimode filter and a VCA. Two ADSR envelopes and a LFO bring sounds to life. Eight signal inputs and six outputs plus MIDI / MBUS port allow users to embed the module comfortably in any setup. - If you're in the market for a low priced, yet well sounding and flexible synthesizer voice, the Nanozwerg Pro is a great choice!



The Nanozwerg Pro's oscillator can produce triangle, saw, rectangle or pulse waveforms. For setting its pitch, there is an octave button with four stages plus a fine tune potentiometer. Frequency or pulse width modulations can be achieved via the LFO respectively a CV input with attenuator. Furthermore, the module contains a glide potentiometer and a sync input.

The VCO gets assistance from a sub oscillator, which works one to three octaves below the main circuit. Users are able to crossfade between both sound sources. Alternatively to the sub oscillator, signals from the built-in noise generator or external audio material can be fed to the mixer.

The -12 dB multimode filter features low pass, band pass, high pass and notch modes. Its cutoff parameter can be influenced by one of the envelopes in positive or negative direction. Additionally, the LFO or an external control voltage input plus attenuator can be used to modulate the circuit. Furthermore, there is a key follow potentiometer. High resonance values make the filter self-oscillate. Thanks to an audio input and output, it is possible to process external signals without limitations.

The envelopes offer attack, decay and sustain potentiometers. Release stages can be activated via a button. Their time values are derived from the decay knobs. One of the envelopes is linked to the VCA.

The LFO offers sawtooth, triangle, ramp and S&H waveforms. Users can crossfade between the first mentioned waves via a potentiometer. A second control element is responsible for setting the modulators frequency. Both parameters can be modulated via CV inputs. Furthermore, there is a one shot function. Control voltages generated by the envelopes and the LFO can be tapped off at corresponding outputs.

The Nanozwerg Pro comes equipped with analog pitch CV and gate inputs as well as a 3.5 mm MIDI port. The latter is compatible with MFB's MBus protocol.


Pitch CV and gate inputs
Pitch, cutoff, LFO rate and LFO wave CV inputs
VCO Sync input
Audio inputs at the mixer and filter
Filter audio output
CV outputs emitting envelope and LFO signals
Main output


3U Eurorack module, 24 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 150 mA at +12 V and 150 mA at -12 V

0.35 kg
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