MFB - SEQ-03 (Step Sequencer)


Step sequencer module with memory which has more to offer as you would believe. Not only can it create CV- or gate sequences but also AD envelopes or clock-synchronized LFOs. The sequences can be up to four bars long or, depending on the mode, one bar long but polyrhythmic with individual clock dividers and pattern lengths per track.



CV and gate tracks can be created with the SEQ, same as with it's older brothers but new and unique is the possiblity to generate LFOs or AD envelopes with a MFB sequencer. Pattern length up to 64 steps or polyrhythmic use is new as well.

Three modes can be selected from:

  • 1: Pattern length and tempo is the same for all tracks. The pattern can be up to 64 steps long.
  • 2: maximum one bar length (16 steps). Each track can have an individual length and even a separate clock divider which determineds the track's tempo.
  • 3: one-bar pattern maximum. Fixed assignment of six CV tracks and six gate tracks to the 12 outputs.
In modes 1 and 2 you can adjust two parameters per step:
  • CV: Para1 = CV value, Para2 = glide time
  • Gate: Para1 = gate intensity, Para2 = gate length
  • Hüllkurve: Para1 = attack time, Para2 = decay time
  • LFO: Para1 = rate, Para2 = amplitude

The SEQ-30 has an integrated clock generator with a clock output. The start/stop socket is used to control other sequencers.
You might as well sync the module to an external clock and receive start/stop commands. In this case functions of both sockets are reversed.

Patterns can be saved to 48 memory slots, copied and pasted. Tracks can be cleared or deleted.
The LFO goes up to 10Hz and offers four waves (saw, ramp, sine and square).
There are 16 different clock dividers to select from.
In some modes shuffle is possible and can be set in 15 values.
DinSync mode with 24ppq or normal 16th clock mode.
Quantization of CVs, different pattern lengths and variable directions are possible.


Clock in/out socket; start/stop gate input
twelve CV/Gate outputs


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 25mA @ +12V and 5mA @ -12V

0.2 kg
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