MFB - Seq-01 Pro


16 patterns can be programmed and saved. Each pattern has 12 tracks and two variations A and B or A/B which allows you to create a pattern lenghth of 32 steps. By using the /- inputs you can step forward or backward through the patterns! Each trigger track features a separate trigger output. The sequencer accepts external clock but also has an internal clock generator. Both work either with 16ppq or 96ppq resolution, the latter enabling 7 shuffle modes! Three accent levels possible (off, on, maximum). The output trigger voltage can be set globally in four levels (0-1V, 0-2,5V, 0-5V und 0-10V). Reset is possible via external trigger or can be programmed internally.



The Seq-01 Pro controls drum circuits made by third party developers via gate and CV channels. Analog gate respectively trigger signals can be noted with variable voltage values. Therefore, provided that the drum modules used feature dynamic control inputs, it is possible to create lively patterns with just some pulses. For playing MFB’s 522 modules, the M-Bus system was implemented. In detail, the following tracks are available:

  • Eight analog CV channels
  • Eight analog gate respectively trigger channels with dynamic values
  • 16 M-Bus trigger channels
  • 32 M-Bus CV channels

The M-Bus system works with fixed note and controller numbers. Compatible modules can be daisy chained to the sequencer via small wires.

Each pattern of the Seq-01 Pro is divided into two parts, called A and B. By combining them, it is possible to write rhythms with up to 32 steps. Individually used, the A and B parts allow musicians to quickly create variations. Each sequence contains information for all 64 tracks. Channels can be muted on the fly. 15 shuffle programs provide the right groove for any musical idea.

For setting its playback speed, the Seq-01 Pro offers an internal clock generator. It works with 16 or 96 ticks. The voltages can be tapped off the Clock I/O connector. Additionally, there is a Play I/O socket emitting start and stop signals. (+3 V each) The other way round, users can employ both connectors to feed an external clock as well as start and stop triggers to the module. Alternatively, a MIDI input (3.5 mm socket) can be used for synchronizing the sequencer.


MIDI input, M-Bus output
Clock I/O, Play I/O
Eight gate outputs
Eight CV outputs


3U Eurorack module, 20 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 60 mA at +12 V and 60 mA at -12 V

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