MFB - Snare-522


Snare-522 is specialized in producing crisp, modern drum sounds. The module utilizes two tunable band-pass filters with high resonance values to generate signals. Mix ratio, tuning and decay time can be adjusted. Furthermore, the drum voice contains a noise generator with level and decay knobs. Trigger and CV inputs complete the circuit.
Snare-522 responds dynamically to incoming trigger signals. In detail, volume, noise intensity and decay are influenced by the voltage strength. Besides sequencers and MIDI/CV interfaces, the circuit can also be played using a drum pad, piezo element or dynamic microphone.



Snare-522 is based on circuit designs of the instruments MFB-522 and Tanzbär Lite. For using the drum voice in a modular environment, some extras were implemented.

Available parameters
Tune: Adjusts the pitch of both band-pass filters. (Range: 100 Hz to 300 Hz)
Ton: Sets the mix ratio of the band-pass filters.
Decay: Influences the decay phase of signals produced by the band-pass filters. (Two seconds at most)
Snappy: Adds sound from the noise generator.
S.Decay: Influences the decay phase of audio material produced by the noise generator. (Two seconds at most)

With the exception of decay, all parameters come not only with potentiometers, but CV inputs as well.

The dynamic trigger input is adjustable in its sensitivity. At completely clockwise position, 0.1 V are sufficient to activate the module.

Snare-522 supports the serial data protocol M-Bus. With the help of a suitable MIDI/CV interface or sequencer, M-Bus allows the user to send control commands to compatible modules without any patch cables at the front of the modular system. Several circuits can be daisy-chained via small wires. M-Bus works twelve times faster than average MIDI setups. In detail, Snare-522 responds to the following signals:

  • Trigger and velocity (Note #38 or #40, depending on the corresponding Jumper’s position.)
  • Pitch (CC18)
  • Mix ratio of the band-pass filters (CC42)
  • Tonal decay (CC34)
  • Noise (CC26)
  • Noise decay (CC58)

Trigger input
Audio output
CV inputs for tune, s.decay, snappy and ton parameters


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 30 mA at -12 V

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