MFB - Tanzbär


The Tanzbär (dancing bear) is one of the most facinating drum machines in recent time.
The cute drumming teddybear impresses with 14 instruments, a great sound, memory and a unbelievably interesting sequencer concept that e.g. allows for memorizing parameter changes per step!



14 analog percussion instruments can be found plus one bass and one melody voice. The separate instruments with their sound parameters are:

  • Bassdrum 1: attack time, decay time, pitch bend, tune, noise, noise filter. Additionally in a sub menu theres distortion)
  • Bassdrum 2: Decay time, tune, tone
  • Snare Drum: Tune, detune, snappy, snappy decay, tone and decay time. Blend of tone 1 and 2 In the sub-menu: Pitch
  • Rimshot: Tune
  • Cymbal: Decay time and tone, bland of "ping" and cymbal
  • Claves: Tune and decay time
  • open and closed hihat: each a separate decay time control and tune in the sub menu
  • Clap: Decay time, filter, attack, additionally trig.
  • High, mid and low tom or conga each have controls for tune and decay. (additionally noise in the submenu)
  • Cowbell: Tune (in the sub menu)
  • Maracas: Decay (in the sub menu)

The Tanzbär´s sequencer is a chasing light type sequencer with 144 patterns memory, A/B variations of the sequence, 16 different Flams and 6 rolls. The step number per instument within one patten can be set individually what makes polyrhythms possible. Following meters are available: 32 steps: 16ths, 16th triplets and 8th triplets. Per instrument there are three different accents possible. Shuffle can be set individually per istrument or globally.
Besides the 14 drum tracks there are two tracks that drive two CV/gate sockets, ohe nas a thrird CV for dynamics. They can also act as sequence tracks for the internal bass line and melody synth. Bass line track has filter and pitch parameters and the melody just pitch. They are very handy for quick ideas and for programming without external equipment. The CV/Gate sequencer can be played over a range of 3 octaves and programmed in two ways. The sequencers also outputs MIDI and can control external sound modules.


Inlet for external power supply
2x MIDI In and 1x MIDI Out.

Main audio output
Individual outputs for bass drum, snare/rimshot, hihat/cymbal, clap (stereo), tom/conga, cowbell/clave.


330 x 170 x 60mm

0.85 kg
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