MFB - Tanzmaus


Being the successor of the popular MFB 503 the Tanzmaus is also a hybrid drum computer with five analog and two sample-based instruments.
It is operated with a classic chasing-light sequencer featuring A/B variations and pattern chaining. Each instrument can have an individual track length what makes polyrhythms an easy thing! There are several flam, shuffle and accent settings as well as a number of LFOs, yet the highlight is a realtime potemtiometer recording function!



Sequencer: chasing light programming. It can save 64 patterns. A pattern can be up to 32 steps long and offers 16ths or 16ths/8ths triplets as metric basis.
Patterns can be chained. Each pattern can be programmed in an A or B variation between you can alternate manually or automatically. Four different accent settings can be programmed per instrument.

There are 5 LFOs which modulate pitches of bass drum, claps tom/conga, cowbell and clave. The LFOs can be programmed per step due to 4 waveforms.
The sequencer also offers recording of sound parameters, either step by step or in real time.

MIDI: The sequencer emits MIDI notes and can play other instruments. The Tanzmaus can be synchronized to MIDI.

Sound parameters:

  • Bassdrum : Attack Level, Decay Time, Noise Level, Noise Decay Time, Pitch, Tune, Attack Type, Distortion, LFO
  • Snare: Tune, Noise Level, Noise Decay Time, Tone Decay Time, Attack Type
  • Rimshot: -
  • Claps: Filter, Reverb Decay Time, Intensity, Number and Patterns of Attacks, LFO
  • Tom: Decay Time, Tune, Pitch, Attack Level, Attack Type, Panning, LFO
  • Sample 1 (Alt) and 2 (Alt): Decay Time, Attack Time, Tune, LFO
Sample 1 & 2 can play one of 16 internal samples or you can load own samples.
Besides this each instrument has an individual volume control and can be muted. A master level control is available as well.


MID In and Out
stereo output, 5 individual outputs
inlet for external power supply (included)


steel enclosure, 200 x 140 x 40 mm

1.0 kg

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