MFB Urzwerg Pro Mk2


The Mk2 version of the analog sequencer MFB URZWERG PRO now has a nice, stable, black anodized housing with wooden side panels. Technically it´s the same unit as the original Urzwerg Pro.



Either 2 sequences á 16 steps or 4 sequences á 8 steps. This makes possible to play up to four synthesizers or four channels of a multi-timbral synthesizer. It´s also possible to play a synth up to four-fold polyphonic. In duophonic mode the two remaining rows can modulate velocity and mod-wheel parameters (MIDI CC 01), in three-voice mode the forth row controls velocity.

Using CV/Gate in combination with a  modular syntheszer the Urzwerg Pro is even more flexible.

Gate-Length (5 settings), CV range (0-10V) and Glide are controlled separately for rows 1 2 and 3 4. Range from 0-5V can be quantized, four scales are available.

Per step there is a skip button which either skips the entire step or just de-/activates the gate signal for this step, depending on the mode. Running direction and sequence length can be set separately for each row. The new random function allows random playback of steps. The auto-glide function activates glides only when two or mor notes are tied, similar to the 303´s sequencer.

Running direction: forward, backward, pendulum with or without double playback of the first and last step. random mode.

With the sockets Start-I/O and Clock I/O the Urzwerg Pro can be connected to other analog sequencers either as a master os as slave. The additional CV-clock input allows for dynamic control of tempo, eg. by an external LFO or a CV. For synchronising with MIDI the Urzwerg Pro can send and receive MIDI start/stop commands and MIDI clock.

  • Start In/Out
  • Clock In/Out
  • CV- und Gateausgänge 1-4
  • Transponiereingänge CV1 2In und CV 3 4In

Abmessungen: 350 x 180 x 60 mm. Gewicht mit Netzteil beträgt weniger als 1kg

1 kg
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