The MFB VCLFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator designed for modulation purposes. It offers five waveforms with wave shaping options, including a sawtooth / triangle / ramp combination and sample & hold with adjustable glide. The VCLFO’s frequency can be adjusted manually plus there is a CV input. Furthermore, a reset connector and a one-shot mode were implemented.



The VCLFO can generate waveforms in the range of 10 seconds to 100 Hz. For frequency adjustments, there is a potentiometer. In addition, a CV input with attenuator was built-in.

Waveforms produced by the VCLFO can be reset via a connector of the same name. Furthermore, there is a one shot mode for using the module as an envelope.

The VCLFO generates a total of five waveforms, which are emitted via three connectors:

  • Saw / triangle / ramp – This output provides a mix of the three waveforms mentioned. More precisely, you can crossfade from sawtooth to triangle and ramp via a potentiometer and a CV input.
  • Pulse wave with editable width.
  • Sample & Hold with variable glide.

Frequency CV input
Reset input
Wave CV input
Three signal outputs


3 U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 40 mm in depth

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