MFB’s VCO/DCO is a hybrid oscillator. – It can be controlled via an analog or a digital control circuit. Thus, you have the choice between slightly drifting vintage flair and modern, very precise behavior. Apart from the FM input, all parameters are available in both modes of operation. The VCO/DCO generates saw, triangle, square and pulse waves. You can crossfade between said waves via a potentiometer.



The MFB VCO/DCO is a hybrid oscillator that can be controlled either via an analog or a digital circuit. – A switch decides which mode is active.

  • Advantage VCO mode: Slightly drifting vintage sound.
  • Advantage DCO mode: Excellent tuning stability and no need to let the module warm-up.

The oscillator offers three octave settings (4‘, 8‘ and 16‘). For fine tuning, there is a potentiometer. The VCO/DCO is played using a 1V / octave pitch signal at the CV input. To ensure correct tracking, the corresponding attenuator must be turned fully to the right. – It is rather unusual to have an attenuator present in the pitch CV channel. The control element makes sense, though, as it allows you to creatively alter the module’s tuning.

The VCO/DCO can be synchronized to another oscillator via its sync input. Furthermore, a FM input with attenuator was implemented. It is only active in the analog mode of operation, though.

There are four waveforms to choose from. You can crossfade from one wave to the next using a potentiometer and a control voltage input. In detail, saw, triangle, square and pulse are available. A Mod input with attenuator allows you to modulate the pitch or the pulse width.


CV input
Mod input
FM input
Select input
Audio output


3 U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 30 mA at -12 V

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