Microbe Modular - Meta Sequencer


Very small yet powerful digital sequencer with variable sequence lenght, in-built clock divider, quantizer, arpeggiation, random, a drift function as well as a sample & hold function. Programming is handled by two encoders for step and value, each with it's own display. Furthermore there are three modes: Playback, Sequence editing and the settings menu. The created sequences are saved automatically.



The module requires an external clock to operate. Apply it to the CLK socket; divide it's frequency down with the internal clock divider (see below). The RST socket is used to reset the sequence to step one.
The entire editing of the module is done with the two encoders and their displays. The upper encoder celects the step and the botton one it's value. As the sequencer values can reach from 0 to 4059, steady turning the encoders can be tedious and time-consuming. Press the encoder while turning it to accelerate value entry.

The switch selects one of three modes:

  • left: visualtizes playback and allows for realtime value recording by pressing the encoder while you turn it.
  • center: editing the individual steps and their values with the encoders.
  • right: all further module settings. STEP selects the function or setting and VALUE changes it or activates it.
    • LEng: Sets the pattern length from 1 to 64. Default value: 8
    • cdiv: Clock division factor. Divides the incoming clock signal from 1 to 128. Default value: 1.
    • SCAL: quantizes the sequencer output to one of 12 scales (None, Major, Minor, Ionian, Dorian, Lydian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Diminshed, Chormatic, Gate-Mode [0-5V])
    • rAnd: random sequence. Press VALUE to create a new random sequence.
    • CLEr: clears the sequence when VALUE encoder is pressed.
    • SH [[: Shift sequence left one step. The value at the beginning of the sequence is shifted to the end of the sequence.
    • SH ]]: Shift sequence right one step. The value at the end of the sequence is shifted to the beginning of the sequence.
    • SLiP: Slip. A percentage chance (0 to 99) for the sequencer to ignore incoming step inputs. Ignored step inputs will not cause the sequencer's playback position to increment. (Default: 0)
    • Dr-P Drift percentage. Drift settings (percentage and amount) allows the sequence values to drift from their original values. Great for slowly evolving CV output. The drift amounts do not affect the underlying sequence and are reset when the sequence is reset.
    • Dr-A: Drift amount
    • hd-o: Hold offset. Hold settings (offset and threshold) applies a Sample & Hold to the sequence output based on a gate pattern derived from the hold setting. Activate Hold by pressing VALUE.
    • hd-t: Hold Threshold (0-255)
    • Son 1 and Son2: Arpeggiation by sequenced transposition patterns. 16 different patterns each are available. Son1 is played at full spedd, Son2 at half speed. Activate it by pressing VALUE
    • LEdS: Brightness setting of the LEDs
    • rSt: Used to reassign RST input as a sample-and-hold input


Reset input, Clock input, sequencer output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, <40mm deep

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