MIDI Solutions Programmable Input Selector


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The Programmable Input Selector allows MIDI messages to be routed from either of its two MIDI inputs (InA or InB) to its MIDI output.


All MIDI messages, or all MIDI messages except Note messages, can be routed from either of the MIDI inputs. Inputs are switched by a footswitch or contact closure connected to the 1/4" phone jack Fsw input, or by receipt of MIDI Program Change messages appearing at InA. The LED can be programmed to flash in different ways to indicate which state the device is in.

The MIDI Delay is programmed by sending it MIDI System Exclusive messages and saves its settings in the non-volatile memory. Learn more about programming the unit in the manual (see link below).

The unity from MIDI Solutions don´t require a battery or an external power supply as they are powered by the MIDI line (given that the MIDI device which is connected to the input complies to the MIDI standard and provides MIDI power.  For example USB powered keyboards won´t do).

  • MIDI-Eingänge InA und InB.
  • MIDI Ausgang
  • Eingang für Fußschalter oder Schließkontakt

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