Moog - Minimoog Model D


Actually it's not necessary to spend words about the grandfather of all compact synthesizers. Released in 1971 he quickly became the blueprint for THE synthesizer - and it still is. Even 45 years later its stringent concept, intuive operation and of course its timeless and inimitably powerful sound are the benchmark forevery modern synthesizer.
Now it is re-relased by Moog, made entirely by hand, exclusively using highest-specification components (partly with military specifications). Sound generation, look and feel correspond exactly with these of the 1970ies original, although there are a few yet very useful extras.



Here's the most important basic data:

  • entirely hand-made by Moog Music in the USA.
  • Sound engine exactly like the vintage Minimoog (original schematics, PCB layouts, wired components etc.)
  • Enclosure made of massive wood and aluminum - look and dimensions corresopnd with the vintage original
  • Three vintage Moog oscillators, noise generator, external input.
  • Classic Moog cascade low pass filter with resonance.
  • Two ultra-fast envelope generators with the typical 'Minimoog smack'.
  • Characteristic pitch bend and modulation wheels.

Functional improvements compared to the original Model D from the 1970ies:

  • CV outputs for pitch, aftertouch and velocity (with attenuators) as well as a gate output
  • additional, real-analog LFO, external CV input
  • legendary feedback / overdrive parameter withput using an additional cable
  • Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru


The Model D is built slowly by hand - the first units will arrive in Europe earliest Septamber/October 2016.


XLR-4 power connector (100-240V)
5-pin DIN MIDI sockets: In, Out and Thru
1/4" CV inputs: loudness, filter cutoff, 1V/octave, +5V V-Trigger
1/4" CV outputs: Aftertouch, Pitch, Velocity, Gate
1/4" audio sockets: input, high level output, low level output


727 x 435 x 146 mm (W x D x H) with panel fully lowered

15.0 kg
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