Moog Voyager analogsynth


As a modern Replica of the Minimoog the Voyager delivers exactly what we can expect from a Classic Synthesiser: Plug in, push down, turn on the fattest dial and you get superb wobbling or grinding sound. Its still a bit like old times. But what one could not afford back then has not become any cheaper now a days:
Undoubtable sound quality, feature packed, with top quality workmanship and technical features of the highest level. Much more interesting though seems the ideological value of the recording instrument.
After more than 30 years the ?famous last word? from the old master of Trumansburg /NY closes the circle from the very first unsurpassed handy Mini Moog to the present day.
So now we stand not only in front of a top class Instrument, but also in front of a piece of Musical history, which once again finds a use in our current, modern Studios ? when we can afford it.
Available in various woods types it is almost a decadent status symbol, although its basic components like keys, housing and Synthesis are as expected, simply functional, top quality and beautiful. Already a potential Classic.


3VCO?s: Four variable blendable Waveforms, Osc3 optional as LFO / LFO: 3 Waveforms u.a. SandH, syncable to Midi-Clock / 2 Filter: Low- and Highpass possible, Cutoff-Spacing / 2 Envelopes: ADSR, naturally very analogue / Glide Function / Noise generator / 2 Modulation busses / Touch Surface: XYZ ? touch screen- and pressure sensitive Controller surface / 128 Preset-Memory / Midi: Control all Parameters through Control Voltage, Programme-Change, SysEx-Dump,.. / polyphonic Keys: 44 Keys, Velocity, After touch, / Real wood Housing, optional six Wood types from ?politically correct cultivation?, adjustable tilt angle for operational control, optional blue illuminated Mod-Wheels.


Folgendes Zubehör ist verfügbar: - VX-351 Voyager CV-Expander Wird via Accessory Port verbunden und bietet Zugang zu allen Steuerspannungs- und Gate-Anschlüssen, zwei Signalabschwächern und zwei 4-Weg multiple verteilern über 21 Klinkenbuchsen, zur Anbindung und Steuerung von modularen Systemen. - Schwanenhalslampe Gooseneck Aufstecklampe zur Montage in vorgesehener Buchse auf der Rückseite des Voyager.. etc.


Audio-Outs R, L/mono / Headphone-Out (im Bedienfeld, eigener Volume-Regler) / External Audio In / Mixer-Out/Filter-In / SandH In/Gate /Envelope Gate/Rate / LFO Sync/Rate / Control-Eingänge für Volume, Pitch, Filter, Wave, Pitch, Mod1, Mod2 / Midi In, Out, Thru / Accessory Port für CV-Expander


78 x 46 x 10 cm bei heruntergelassenen Bedienelementen, 22 kg verpackt

5.0 kg
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