Modcan - Dual Delay


Dual digital delay module with individual controls per channel, tap tempo buttons, three selectable time ranges and two operaion modes (with or without pitch shift when altering the delay time).

48kHz sample rate, 16Bit at the inputs and outputs and 32bit operation provide for clear and low-noise sound.



The dual Delay has two operation modes: the Re-sampling mode with pitch shifting effect when altering delay time (eg. like with tape delays) and a "Clean" mode for standard Digital Delay effects without pitch shifting. Each channel can operate either in re-sampling mode or in clean mode. Input signals can be routed as two individual mono delays, a stereo delay or as a dual Tap delay with delays in series internally.

Each channel has an inpüut level control, a dry/wet control, a feed back control (echo) and a delay time control. Except the input level all parameters can be voltage controlled. At high feedback settings the signal can clip but you can minimize overload with the input controls.

In dual-Tap mode the function of the potentiometers is a little different: Echo 1 controls the dry level, Tap 1 and 2 set the delays´ levels and Echo 2 sets the feedback of the summed delays (see graphic at page 7 of the manual).

The delay time can be set by the delay controls and the delay CV, you can tap it with the tempo buttons or synchronize to an external clock by the use of sync sockets. Additionally there are three selectable time settings with wide ranges from extremely short to several seconds of delay. The exact delay range of each setting is depending on the selected mode:

  • Resample Delay Ranges: Lo: 0.01s - 0.06s, Mid: 0.06s - 0.5s and Hi: 0.5s - 4s
  • Clean Delay Ranges: Lo: 0.0006 - 0.02s, Mid: 0.02s - 0.91s and Hi: 0.91s - 5.46s

In the feedback path there´s a resonant low pass filter that ranges over the whole frequency range of 0-21khz and that can be assigned either to the first, the second or both delays. The resonance goes up to self-oscillation, cutoff and resonance can be voltage controlled.


Per delay there´s an audio input, Mix CV-In, Echo CV-In, Delay CV-In, Sync-In and an audio output.
Furthermore you find global CV inputs for cutoff and resonance of the low pass filter.


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, approx. 25mm deep.
Current: 40mA @ +12V and 10mA@ -12V

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