Modcan - Dual Freqshifter


Modcan's digital version of the classic Bode frequency shifter design offers two independent units in one module. As the frequency shift is a mathematical function, why not calculating it with a DSP, also for the sake of stable VCOs and clean multiplication? Calibration will never be an issue and you don't need to match the two units again!


Both units offer linear or exponential frequency shift in a range of +/- 5kHz and are capable of thru-zero operation. You can control input level, the amount of frequency shift and the feedback. The last two parameters can be voltage controlled with voltages in a range of +/-5V.
Due to the dual layout it is well possible to process left and right channels of a stereo signal separately to create 3D-like effects. Putting the frequency shifters in series might produce very unique results as well.

This high-quality module works with 16Bit and 48kHz and has a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz.


Each channel has one audio input, one audio output, one frequency shift CV input and one feedback CV input


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide
current draw 70mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

0.25 kg
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