Modcan - Dual Wave


The Dual Wave by Modcan is a digital, numerically controlled oscillator module with two parallel oscillators A and B that can be detuned. Each of the oscillators accesses a memory of 180 waves. The mix control not only blends the oscillators but creates a new wave. Wave sequencing by CVs is possible too.



Each one of 180 waveforms can be loadad into oscillators A and B and mixed together for creating complex sounds. To be exact it´s not only a blending between the oscillators but the it performs a mathematical linear interpolation and thus generates an entirely new wave form. By the CV sockets A CV and B CV you can address the wave forms and make wave sequencing. The HiRes switch increases resolution on wave selection. An switchable quantizer forces the 1V/oct voltage to semitones. The oscillators can be detuned by the according control and oscillator B´s octave transpose switch.

  • Dual 32-bit NCOs - 50 micro-Hertz resolution (no zippering)
  • No wave ROMs required
  • CV control of mix and detune of the oscillators .
  • Crystal tuning stability with +/-0.005% pitch tracking accuracy over 10 octaves
  • Frequency Range: 10 Octaves: 10Hz-10kHz
  • Output level: +/-5V or10Vpk-pk at 1kΩ
  • Input CV level: 0-10V at 100kΩ

frequency control inputs 1V/Octave and exponential CV. Sync input
CV inputs for detune, mix and separate wave form selection for oscillators A and B
Mix output and individual output for oscillator B


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw: 80mA @ +12V and 10mA @t -12V

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