Modcan - Quad Envelope


Quad ADSR envelope generator with additional delay and hold parameters plus voltage control of either one or all segments of an envelope. The gate inputs are normalized, the envelope curves can be changed and all setting be saved.



Each envelope has a dedicated gate input but normalizations allow for firing several envelopes with one gate signal.
Each envelope hase a CV iput for modulating either one of the segments or all simultaneously. Positive and negative CVs are accepted, negative ones decrease parameter values and positive ones increase them. Four possible, switchable curve characteristics are available, which are a combination of linear, exponenetial and logarithmic curves. Bi-color LEDs (green = positive, red = negative) at each segment display the intensity and polarity of the applied CVs.

All settings can be memorized in a non-volatile memory with the SAVE button. The button also selects between the mono and poly mode. In monophonoc mode each envelope is being controlled separately, in polyphonic mode settings of envelope 1 will control all other envelopes.


CV inputs 1-4, Gate inputs 1-4, Envelope outputs 1-4


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 33mm deep
Power consumption: 30mA @+12V and 5mA @-12V

0.193 kg
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former retail price: €461.34

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