Modcan - Quad LFO


A versatile source for all types of modulation waveforms. It is a digital Quad LFO with 18 morphable waves and gate-, sync- and CV options. CVs can be assigned to a number of destinations. Various operation modes allow for using the modules as four independent LFOs, as a quadrature LFO with waves different than sine (!), four LFOs with the same phase but different rates and also an unique rotation mode.



Each LFO can have totally different settings, be it the waveform, rate, level, the output polarity, the hi/low range, the function of an incoming gate and the function of a CV at the input. 16 wave forms are available, including random waves, pattern waves and also morphable waves that consists of 32 waves each. The transform control allows you to blend from a sine to a triangle, to determine the number of steps in a staircase wave or to smoothen a random wave. The LFOs oscillate in a range of .003Hz-51Hz (low range) or 16Hz-1.6kHz (hi range).

Four modes are possible: in 4LFO mode the Quad LFO acts as four totally independent LFOs with their own frequencies and wave forms. PHLOCK synchronizes phases of all LFOs but allows the frequency to be a division of LFO1's freuqency. Great for sequene type modulations. QUAD is a quadrature mode where all LFOs have he same rate but their phases are offset 90°. unlike most quadrature LFOs you can use any waveform, not only sine. ROTATE mode acts like a switch; a gate or clock signal at LFO1's gate input switches to the next LFO. This is very interesting when the LFOs have different settings.
For each LFO following polarity options are available: 0-5V, 5-0V (inverted), ±5V and ±5V inverted.

A gate at a LFO's gate input can reset it in Reset mode. RSTST alias Reset Start does the same but with the possibility to determine the reset point per LFO. Hold freezes the LFO as long the gate is high. Sync / Tap analyzes the gate period to set the LFO's rate. Alternatively you can tap the tempo with a button. CVs can either control the frequency, the level, the morph or select the waveform.


Gate inputs 1-4, LFO CV inputs 1-4, LFO outputs 1-4


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 25mm deep.
Power consumption: 40mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V

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