Modcan Touch Sequencer


Modcan´s first Eurorack module is the Touch Sequencer, a digital four-track sequencer with memory and CV/Gate outputs.

The four tracks can be up to 64 steps long ,can be chained and each of the track can have an independent clock. The module works either with internal or external clock but the tempo can be tapped with a dedicated button. Resistive Touch screen control of all sequence parameters



Resistive Touch screen control of all sequence parameters

4 rows of sequencing with up to 64 step length with chaining. Each row has own clock with variable row length. Each of the 4 rows has separate GATE, PITCH ,NOTE Length and Slew control for a total of 16 rows of sliders.
- Memory storage for 99 Sequences and 32 Songs and all preferences. Up to 8 sequences can be chained together into a song with 1-31 repeats per chained event.
- Built in Quantizer with both pre-set and user defined scales. Quantize scales can be designed in real-time while sequencing. Each row can have its own quantization scale or OFF
- 4 independent internal clocks.  1:1 external clocking and 24ppq clocking modes;  Tap BPM by a tap button
- CV modulation input can be routed to any or all 16 pitch,gate,note length and slew destinations. Reset for external Run/Stop control
- Random modes for each row independently and with external switching. Performance mode for real-time switching between sequences

Voltage Range for CV ROW outputs:

  • quantized 0-4V = 4 octaves
  • non-quantized 0-7V = 7 octaves
  • gate outputs 0-5V
  • CV input 0-10V
  • BPM (internal clock mode) 10-580 BPM
  • external 0-60000 BPM (Audio Range)

inputs: Sync in, Reset in and CV in
outputs: CV 1-4 and Gate 1-4


3U Eurorack module, 21 HP wide. Module depth 44mm.
Power consumption: 190mA @ +12V and 10mA @-12V

1 kg
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former retail price: €701.68

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