MODOR - Comb Filter


A digital, excellent sounding comb filter. Comb filtering is implemented by adding a delayed version of a signal to itself, causing constructive and destructive interference. The frequency response of a comb filter consists of a series of regularly spaced notches, giving the appearance of a comb. These types of filter are typically used to make chorus and flanger style effects, by modulating the delay time. Thanks to an onboard LFO the Modor Comb Filter is ready for sound design. Using both outputs, it is possible to create the wide stereo effects Modor products are known for, like their NF-1 synthesizer.  



The Modor Comb Filter is a digital filter. It adds a slightly delayed version of the input signal to the original, creating a number of equally spaced peaks and holes in the frequency spectrum, that make it look like the teeth of a comb.

The module features two audio inputs and two outputs, enabling two-voice polyphonic or stereo processing.

The delay time, the most interesting parameter which determines the frequency of the comb teeth, is set by the big Delay potentiometer. It can be voltage controlled thanks to the inbuilt triangle LFO. The speed knob controls its rate – and thanks to the bipolar Depth potentiometer it is possible to set the amount of modulation.

The internal LFO can be replaced by an external control voltage using the CV inputs. The CV2 input is normalled to the reverse signal of CV1, allowing for wide stereo effects.

The amount of the comb filtering is set using the Mix knob.

Two audio inputs
Two audio outputs
Two CV inputs

3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, 12 mm in depth
Power consumption: 140 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V

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