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A really beautiful - beautifully dirty effect box! Intensifies offers analog sample rate reduction, distortion, amplitude modulation of the internal clock and a Noise Synth on the side. Sounds like …signal destruction. But we find the term "signal texturing" more appropriate.



The Intensifies is quite unusual in any case. The statement of the manufacturer "No! It's not a guitar pedal!" is also not of much help. To avoid confusion, we would like to try to describe the "ingredients" first.

On the one hand there are:

A line level input with powerful, fixed gain and adjustable distortion, a sample-and-hold-based "sample rate reducer" clocked by an oscillator (called carrier), and a square-wave modulation oscillator that can act on the volume of the carrier. This section is also called FX. It has its own adjustable output and can be bypassed completely with the bypass switch.

And on the other hand we have:

The section called Noise Synth also has its own adjustable output. Despite these sections having their own outputs - which is useful for further processing the signals with effects - you will quickly notice that they are inseparably intertwined. The pitch of the noise synth is controlled by two photocells. BUT: The signals of both photocells are always compared with the modulation oscillator AND the carrier oscillator. And the amplitude of the strongest signal of these four is used to control the pitch (this is called a MAX or OR circuit). The behaviour of carrier and modulator hence binds the FX and the noise synth section together.

Already after a relatively short time you might be "Intensified". I.e. you learned that this module is not only for brutal noise, but also for a huge variety of shades and textures. The scratchy, rough aliasing sounds of the FX section combine in a unique way with the electronic, square wave-based beeps and hums of the Noise Synth. The control by the photocells is far from accurate pitch control. That's not the idea of Intensifies. Rather, they can be used to "intervene" in the resulting timbres.

Thanks to the very high level of the outputs, the Intensifies can be directly integrated into a modular system.

We would like to recommend the sound demos of the manufacturer, which give a good (slightly melancholic) impression of the character of the Intensifies.


  • analog sample rate reduction
  • analog distortion
  • amplitude modulation of sample rate clock
  • true bypass
  • dual light controlled oscillators
  • hot outputs (~12vpp max!)
  • 100% analog signal path

Intensifies is powered by a 9V DC wall wart. (Included in delivery.)

FX audio output
Synth audio output
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