Moog CP-251 controlprocessor


The CP 251 Control processor could be described as a small modular system without a synthesizer. 8 modules make the generation and simple editing of various Control Voltages possible, especially optimised for flexible control of the Mooger Fooger modules. But this complex interface of sensible components could be even better used when one always has it by your side. The special mixer, additional hardware LFO and the Lag Processor are tools that every live set activist has missed at one point of his/her life! With its big Jacks and stable desktop design with sockets exclusively on top, and of course it?s decadent wooden side panels it is naturally a product of the modern Moog class.


4-Input Mixer for Voltage Control / Lag?Processor / LFO / 2 Signal attenuators for Voltage control / 4-Way multiple-splitter / Noise generator / Sample and Hold Generator.


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Tischgerät, externes Steckernetzteil ca. 24 x 14 x 6 cm unverkabelt / ca. 2 kg verpackt

2.0 kg
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