Moog - Minifooger Delay


Analog bucket brigade device (BBD) delay for really low money! The delay has a delay time of max 650mA, controls for delay time, feedback, drive and mix and features a true bypass switch.



The delay time of the Minifooger Delay goes from 35ms to 650ms. At short delay times the signal is bright and articulate, perffect for slapback sounds and plate reverb effects. The longer the delay time the more dull and soft it gets, a typical behaviour of analog delays.
The feedback is adjustable from one singel repeat over almost infinite delays when exceeding the 2 o'clock position of the feedback control. In maximum position the pedal will osciilate. The relationship between original and effect signal is set with the mix control. A true bypass switch turns the effect on and off. The delay has en expressio pedal input that can be assigned to the delay time or the feedback level.


Audio input, audio output, expression pedal input (6.35mm sockets)
input for external 9V DC power supply.


144 x 83 x 58mm. Weight 0,5kg.

0.7 kg
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