Moog Moogerfooger MF-104m Analog Delay MIDI


The Moogerfooger 104, the sought-after Analog Delay is back!

Moog Music has found a bathc of the BBD chips responsible for the delay and re-releases the analog Delay in a revised version. Unfortunately the run is limited as are the chips but the unit has new features like tap-tempo, a LFO and the parameters can be controlled by MIDI.

As supply of the chips still is ver hard according to Moog and the chips aren´t in production anymore, quantities of the Mf-104M are limited. Better be quick if you want one!


The MF-104M recreates the sound and vibe of the Classic MF-104. It even uses the same vintage ?Bucket Brigade? delay chips found in the original, which provide 800ms of the richest, creamiest, all analog delay on the planet.

A new 6 Waveshape LFO significantly expands the sonic capabilities of this Classic Analog Delay. Use it to create expansive delays that transport you through time, beautifully modulate the delay trails, or create sounds and delays that are  simply out of this world.

Spillover Mode has been the most popular modification to the MF-104 and is now included in the MF-104M. Decide on the fly whether delay trails end or continue when you disengage the Delay.

A dedicated Tap Tempo switch lets you quickly tap in your Delay Time or LFO Rate, and the addition of MIDI brings a new world of control and function to the MF-104M. Use it to control and manipulate every function on and under the hood. It?s also a great way to incorporate an analog delay into your studio productions.

Rear panel features include CV/Expression Pedal inputs which provide hands free control and manipulation of Time, Rate, Feedback, Amount, and Mix. Like all Moogerfoogers, you can connect Moog EP2 expression pedals to any of these CV/Expression inputs to control functions, or connect other Moogerfoogers and create new effects.

Additionally, the Feedback Insert allows you to patch in other stomp box or outboard effects onto the delay line for even more creative flexibility.

  • AUDIO IN: 6 mm Mono-Klinkenbuchse für Instrumenten- und Line-Pegel
  • MIX OUT: 6 mm Mono-Klinkenbuchse mit regelbarem Ausgangspegel
  • DELAY OUT: 6 mm Mono-Klinkenbuchse für Effektsignal
  • FEEDBACK, TIME, LFO RATE, MIX, LFO AMOUNT: 6 mm Stereo-Klinkenbuchsen zum Anschluss von Expression-Pedalen (Moog EP-2 o.ä.) oder Steuerspannungen von 0 bis 5VDC, wahlweise über Mono- oder Stereo-Klinkenbuchsen
  • FEEDBACK INSERET: 6 mm Stereo-Klinkenbuchse als  Einschleifpunkt für externen Prozessor in den Feedback-Weg der Delay-Line
  • MIDI IN: DIN-Buchse zur Parameter-Steuerung via MIDI
  • 9VDC: Anschluss für mitgeliefertes Steckernetzteil

Gehäuseabmessungen: 230 x 148 x 80 mm, Gewicht: ca. 1kg

1 kg
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