Moog Moogerfooger MF-105m MurF MIDI


MuRF stands for Mutliple Resonance Filter. This Moogerfooger provides radical new possibilites of sound processing.

The MurF consists of eight filters that are played sequentially and thus let pass only parts of the audio signal in a rhythmical pattern.


The input signal passes an array of 8 tuned bandpass filters that are triggered by a pattern generator and an envelope. The pattern generator allows 24 different sequences. By changing the filters´ levels rhythmically complex patterns are created. Very good for processing pad sounds. In- and outputs for CVs and pedals allow external control of the parameters.

The new MIDI MurF allows for synchronizing the pattern sequencer with MIDI clock. Also the parameters can be controlled via MIDI.


Audio In (mono), Audio Out L (mono) R,

Tap-Eingang für Taster

CV-/Pedal-Eingänge für Rate, Mix, Envelope und LFO/Sweep


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