Moogerfooger MF-108m Cluster Flux


Analog effect stompbox based on modulation effects. It offers flanger, chorus and vibrato effects, a number of connections and a LFO with 6 wave forms. The delay time can be tapped or synchronized to MIDI.



The Range switch changes between flanger and chorus modes. The flanger mode has a delay time of 0.6ms to 10ms, the chorus mode 5ms to 50ms. The feedback ranges from zero to oscillation and it's bipolar controller allows to highlight even or odd harmonics
The drive parameter offers -7dB to +28dB gain or attenuation i.e allows for optimal signal flow, gain level matching and of course distortion. The output control attenuates the signal to match it's level with other devices. Mix controls the blend between original and effect signal.
The LFO is used to modulate delay time, ranges from 0.05Hz to 50Hz (even higher with CV, see below) and offers six wave forms: sine, triangle, square, ramp, saw tooth and staircase random.
The parameters feedback, delay time, LFO rate, mix and LFO amount can be controlled with expression pedals or control voltages from 0-5V which makes it possible to integrate the Cluster flux in a modular system. The delay time can be sychronized to MIDI clock but can be tapped as well. Of course a bypass switch is available as well.


Audio: Input, L/mono out, R out, feedback insert.
control/pedal inputs: feedback, time, LFO rate, mix, LFO amount.
MIDI input, power inlet (9V DC, 300mA, tip positive)


229 x 152 x 63.5mm

2.2 kg
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