Moog - Mother-32


Moog's first semi-modular synthesizer comes in a desktop format and offers a classic subtractive syntheiszer voice (VCO + noise/external input + mixer, cascade filer with lowpass or highpass characteristics, AD envelope + LFO + voltage controlled mixer) and 32 patch points for modular fun. Then there's a MIDI/CV converter, a miniature keyboard and a 32-step sequencer with 64 memory locations. The units can be removed from it's housing an used as a 60HP Eurorack module in another case.



sound generation:
1 VCO with simultaneous sawtooth and pulse. Frequency selection at the panel with a range of one octave. Frequency range via 1V/oct: 8Hz to 8kHz (16kHz via LFO or CV). Waveform switch selects which wave is sent to the mixer.
Modulation source selectable: EG/VCO MOD or LFO (EG normalized to VCO Mod input). Modulation intensity adjustable.
The mixer blends between VCO and the noise source or an external signal. The crossfading can be voltage controlled.

The classic Moog 4-pole cascade filter. The filter characteristic is either lowpass or high pass. Cutoff and resonance are voltage controllable. Frequency range 20Hz to 20kHz.
Modulation source selectable: EG or LFO. Modulation intensity adjustable.

Internal CV source selectable between envelope (EG) or drone (ON). Range of external CV: 0-8V in EG mode or 0-5V in ON mode. Level can be adjsuted with a knob; this controls the VCA output and the headphone output.

LFO with triangle and square; waveforms can be assiged to VCA and VCF-MOD individually
Attack-Decay envelope with switchable decay.
There's a voltage controlled mixer for CVs which also has an inverted output and a buffered 1-in-2-outs multiple.

Note control:
Sequencer with 32 steps and a64 memory locations. Two modes: chasing light or programming via keyboard.
Latter has a span of 13 semitones and can be transposed in a range of 8 octaves.
A MIDI/CV interface in integrated as well.


front: MIDI Input (5-pin DIN), 32 patch points (see below)
rear: audio/headphone out (1/4"), 12V DC power input

Patch points (3.5mm sockets):
Inputs: External Audio, Mix CV, VCA CV, VCF Cutoff, VCF Resonance, VCO 1V/Octave, VCO Linear FM, VCO Modulation, LFO Rate, Mix 1, Mix 2, VC Mix Control, Mult, Gate, Tempo, Run/Stop, Reset and Hold
Outputs: VCA, Noise, VCF, VCO Saw, VCO Pulse, LFO Triangle, LFO Square, VC Mix, Mult 1, Mult 2, Assign, EG, KB, Gate
Multipurpose control output for selecting from 16 available functions: Sequencer Accent, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Clock /2 Sequencer Clock /4, Decimated "Ramp”, Decimated "Saw”, Decimated "Triangle”, Stepped Random, STEP 1, MIDI Note On Velocity, MIDI Channel Aftertouch, MIDI Pitch Bend, MIDI CC1 Mod Wheel, MIDI CC2, MIDI CC4 and MIDI CC7


32.4 x 10.7 x 13.3 cm (W x H x D, with knobs)

Eurorack dimensions: 60HP wide, 26mm deep
current draw: 230mA at +12V

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