Moog - SUB 37


Compact analog synthesizer with a 37-key keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. New for a modern monophonic analog synth is the duo-paraphonic mode: you can ply both oscillators individually with different notes. Pseudo-dophonic play ist possible that way.
Furthermore the Sub37 features USB/MIDI connectivity, CV/gate inputs, two DADHSR envelopes, an external audio input, an easy-to-use modulation matrix and 256 presets.


Of course the SUB 37 has the famous Moog filter and the powerful MultiDrive-Section – the perfect base for fattest monster sounds.
In the mixer section is an external input and a feedback path. It feeds the filter out backto the mixer and provides for additional power in your sound.
Two modulation busses provide for complex sounds and dynamics and they are pretty easy to use as the SUB37 abdicates matrix assignments luckily.
Two ultra-fast and perfectly scaled DAHDSR envelopes guarantee punchy sounds.
Aboard are also a well-equipped arpeggiator and step-sequencer - which can be synchronized to MIDI of course.
Connect the SUB 37 entirely and easily to a DAW via USB/MIDI and an included editor plug-in for all established formats so you can perfectly control and adminstrate the SUB 37 via a software sequencer.


MIDI-In, USB In (Type B), Din-Sync In/Out
1x audio input (mono, 1/4"), 1 audio output (mono, 1/4"), 1 headphone output (stereo 1/4")
CV inputs: filter cutoff, oscillator pitch, VCA volume (1/4")
gate input (1/4")

IEC mains inlet (110V-240V)


dimensions: 67,9 x 37,5 x 17,2 cm
weight: 10 kg

12.0 kg
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