Moonmodular 502 D Dual VCA


The 5U module 502 D contains two individual VCAs which can be used for both audio and CV signals and also offer linear or exponential characteristics. The signal and CV inputs of the left channel are normalized to these of the right channel, allowing you to use the module as a stereo VCA. Besides this the module is equipped with a mix output and a rignmodulator output.


Both VCAs are identic: the signal input can be AC- or DC-copled witha switch which makes possible to use te module wither with slow CVs or with audio signals. The characteristic of the VCA, exponential or linear, is determined with another switch.
Each channel has a potemtiometer for manually setting the VCA's initial gain and two modulation inputs which are exipeed with polarizers (bi-polar attenualtors) for scaling and inverting the modulation.
In combination with the normalizations of all left channel inputs to the right channel the polarizers are especially interesting as you can achieve voltage controlled pannings very easily: one channel is modulated in a positive manner and the other one inverted - the signal starts moving between the channels.

The VCAs outputs are summed at the Mix Out which turns the module into a voltage controlled two-input mixer.

Finally the module has a ring modulator. The input of the left VCA is used as the modulator input and the right channel's input as the carrier input.


per section: signal input, signal output, two gain CV inputs

mix output, ring modulator output


5U module, Moog form factor, two units wide.
Has power connectors for COTK and

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