Moonmodular 505 Multi Mode Filter


A really fantastic sounding State Variable multi mode fiter with voltage controllable resonance, equipped with individual outputs for each filter type. A further output emits a mix of different filter types between which you can blend smoothly, eben using control voltages.
Having tested it at NAMM 2016 we are truly impressed by the outstanding sonic quality of this module.


Being a classic multimode filter module with a State Variable topography the 505 has individual outputs for each filter type:

  • low pass with a slope of -12dB per octave
  • band pass with -12dB/oct
  • high pass with -12dB/oct
  • notch with -6db/oct
As fifth outputs the mixed Signal Out can be found which has a special feature: it emits a filter mixture which is set with the Filter mode potentiometer, a continuous fade from low pass over band pass to high pass. This crossfade can happen under voltage control as well, using the mode Control input.

Cutoff and resonance (here: regeneration) both are voltage controllable. Each parameter has two inputs: a direct one and the other using a polarizer for attenuation.The scaleable cutoff input intentionally tracks ith 0.5 V per octave only, making possible to achieve full modualtion with "lower" voltages.


As the 505 is equipped with one audio input only we advice to use a Moonmodular 526 Reversible Mixer before the 505 because it gives you the possibility to set both level and phase of the inputs.
This is recommended when patching the individual outputs (or the Mixed output) back to the input, as this experimental procedure will result not only in creating new filter types but also in brute feedbacks.


audio: signal input
outputs: low pass output, high pass out, band pass out, notch out, mixed signal out

CV inputs: 2x Cutoff in, 2x Resonance in, Mode Control in


5U module in Moog form factor, two units wide

0.6 kg
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