Moonmodular - 511d Dual Envelope Generator


The 511d contains two identical ADSR-style envelope generators with a manual gate button, two gate modes and a lot of LEDs for displaying gate and time segment activities.


The time parameters range from 1ms to approximately 20s. A button allows for manual triggering of both envelopes simultaneously. The envelopes are fired at a positive-edge trigger with a threshold of 1V. Select the gate behaviour between gate mode and retrigger mode.

Each envelope has a LED for visualising gate activity and a number of LEDS for displaying activity of each segment.
The output voltages range from 0V to +10V at the positive output and -10V to 0V at the inverted output.


per ADSR: gate input, positive envelope output, inverted envelope output


5U module in Moog format, two units wide

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