Moonmodular - 524 Quad VC LFO


The 524 contains plenty modulation sources in a relatively small space containing four voltage controllable LFOs, each with two waveform outputs and two selectable frequency ranges..


The individual LFOs are identical, so let's describe one only:
The frequency can be set manually or modulated by a CV. The CV input is equipped a bipolar attenuator.

A switch selects between two frequency ranges:

  • LFO: 5 minutes per cycle up to 40Hz
  • Audio: 0.5Hz to 4500Hz
These values are valid for manual settings only and can be extended with CVs.

Two waveforms are available at separate outputs: square and triangle.


The 524a Quad VCLFO Assistant module expands each of the 524's LFOs by a reset input and three waveform outputs. --> Click here!


per LFO: frequency CV input, square wave output, triangle output.


5U module in Moog format, two units wide

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