Moonmodular 543E Output Mixer Aux-Expander


The 543E module allows you to add a voltage controllable send channel plus stereo return connectors to your Moon Modular 543 or 543 CP output mixer. Several expanders can be combined to flexibly increase the number of effect paths. – A great way to integrate, for example, studio reverb and delay processors or pedals into a 5U modular system.


The 543E expander features one effect send. Each channel strip of the 543 / 543CP mixer can be fed to the module with individual level. Knobs and CV inputs are available for volume control. After signals got processed externally, they can be routed back into the modular system via left and right return channels. Here, you’ll find potentiometers and CV inputs for altering the level as well. Several 543E expanders can be combined. Thus, you can add any number of effect sends and returns to your 543 or 543CP output mixer.


FX Send audio output
Four FX Send CV inputs
Two FX Return audio inputs (L / R) Two FX Return CV inputs


5U module in Moog form factor, one unit wide

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