Moon Modular 551: MIDI-CV interface


The MoonModular 551 module is a fully-fledged converter from MIDI data to CV and gate voltages. Besides converting note number information and note on/of commands also other controllers will be converted into voltages.


The monophonic interface converts note on/note off information into a gate signal and the MIDI note number into a keyboard CV with a switch-selectable note priority (highest, lowest or last note priority). The voltage of the keyboard CV ranges from -2V to 8V. While a key is pressed, pressing another key can generate a retrigger or a legato, depending on the switch position. The positions of the modulation wheel and the pitch bend wheel are output as separate CVs. A switch determines if the pitch bend voltage will be added to the note voltage ( /-0.5V) or not. Voltage ranges are /-10V for the modwheel and /-5V for the pitch bend wheel. The jack labeled "controller" outputs another control voltage which corresponds to a MIDI controller, selectable with the big rotary switch. Following controllers are available: aftertouch, breath controller (CC2), foot pedal (CC4), sustain pedal (CC64), panorama (CC10), main volume (CC7) orone of the three undefined controllers CC 20, 21 and 22.

For selecting the MIDI channel set the rotary switch to "ch. select" and strike a key to send a MIDI note. The setting is not volatile. Three LEDs show activity at the MIDI input, at the gate output and the velocity output.


Sollten Sie das Modul an einer 12V-Stromversorgung betreiben wollen (wie z.B. COTK), so geben Sie dies bitte bei der Bestellung an. Das Modul muss ab Werk auf 12V kalibriert werden.


Ein MIDI-In und ein MIDI-Thru.

Sechs 6,53mm Monoklinken für analoge Signale: Keyboard-CV und -Gate, Velocity, Controller, PitchBend-Rad und Modulationsrad.


5HE-Modul nach Moog-Norm, eine Einheit breit (2,125" = 5,4 cm).

Zwei 15V-Stromanschlüsse auf der Rückseite für Stromversorgungen von Club of the Knobs und

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