Moon Modular M565 Quad Quantizer v3


Four identical quantizer units in a single module. The module quantizes variable CVs into semitone intervals. A gate input makes possible to synchronise the quantising process to an external clock/triger/gate.

The new version 3 can quantize bipolar voltages, has a range of 20 octaves and can be programmed!


Four identical quantizer units in one single module. The module quanitzes variable CVs into semitone intervals (1/12V). Input voltage range from -10.58V to 10.58 volts Quantized CV outputs with a range of more than 20 octaves (2x 128 semitones). The most recent quantiezd value will be held until the next quantization will occur. Gate pulses fed into the "gate in" jacks will trigger the quantizer; in "low" state no quantization occurs. That is practical if you want to sync your quantizer to a sequencer´s clock. An unpatched gate input is recognized by the module and it will receive it´s gate signal internally by a fast clock then. Gate Output supplies a pulse, whenever the (quantized) output voltage changes. The LED display this pulse.


Sollten Sie das Modul an einer 12V-Stromversorgung betreiben wollen (wie z.B. COTK), so geben Sie dies bitte bei der Bestellung an. Das Modul muss ab Werk auf 12V kalibriert werden.


Pro Sub-Einheit: Spannungseingang, Ausgang für quantisierte Spannung, Gate-Eingang und Gate-Ausgang


5HE-Modul nach Moog-Norm, eine Einheit breit (8.75" x 2.125" = 22,22cm x 5,39cm) Stromanschlüsse sowohl für COTK als auch für .com

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