Moonmodular 568A: QSTS Assistant


The module 568A is an addition module for the 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source (QSTS). It expands the four trigger rows of the QSTS with a couple of useful functions you can choose for each row individually.


  • four individual reset inputs for the four rows of the QSTS
  • Each row of the QSTS is expanded with two trigger outputs that you can assign to two fixed steps within one sequence row.
  • per row there´s a rotary switch determining the running direction: forwards / backwards / pendulum / random. The change of direction doesn´t happen instantly but with the next reset (except in random mode)

If additionally the 568P Programmer is connectes to the QSTS you can also save the settings of the 568A Assistant.


für jede Reihe: Reset-Eingang, zuweisbare Trigger-Ausgänge A und B

Stromstecker für Dotcom und COTK auf der Rückseite der Platine


5HE-Modul nach Moog-Norm, 2 Einheiten breit (4,25" = 10,8cm)

benötigte Speisespannungen: 15V, -15V, 0V

0.7 kg
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