Moonmodular 592 Modulation Matrix System


A modulation Matrix like the 592 is used for routing input signals to a number of outputs. For instance several inputs can be routed to one output or one single signal to various outputs simultaneously.


The 592 Modulation Matrix System contains three modules in total: the central 592 for routing as well as the input and output modules 592I and 592O, each with 12 sockets.
The inputs are normalized via switching sockets: one single modulation source can be scaled with the attenuators and afterwards routed to different outputs without the need of a single patch cord. When nothing is patched into input 1 a fixed offset voltage of +5V is generated. Use jumpers to disconnect these normalizations.
If more than one input is routed to one output they will be mixed internally in the output module.
Use connectors on the rear to create your own fixed routings.

The central module, the M592 Reversible Modulation Matrix combines six attenuator unis, each comprising ofthree parts:

  • An input rotary switch mit 12 position in order to select one of 12 inputs.
  • An inverting attenuator (polarizer) which either attenuates or amplifies the signal in a range of -200% to +200% (or +/- 100%, jumper selectable). In cernter position the signal is completely cut.
  • An output rotary switch with 12 positions for selecting one of 12 outputs.


12 inputs and 12 outputs
Power connectors for COTK and


Three 5U modules in Moog form factor. Four units wide in total.

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