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The Data coming from American company Mordax is not "just" a nice, four-channel oscilloscope with integrated tuner and spectrum analyzers. Above that it can also be used as a generator for waveforms, control voltages or clock signals. Seven programs offering extensive functionality are integrated at the moment. More will follow later. A great oscilloscope and analysis tool...and more!


The Mordax Data is a whole toolbox! All seven main functions (programs as they are called) currently available are very well thought-out and professionally executed. The detailed manual leaves no questions unanswered (see link below).

A click encoder, a menu button and eight context-sensitive soft buttons ensure a very logical workflow. All programs are just a click away from the main menu. Depending on the program, the inputs and outputs function as audio, CV or Gate / Trigger targets or sources.

The Mordax Data can of course be a four channel oscilloscope. Two channels can be layered or only one channel can be viewed. For a more detailed view of the spectrum there are the modes Spectral Analyzer (Single-FFT) and Spectrograph (Multi-FFT). Highly practical is the Quad Tuner mode, which allows you to tune your oscillators very accurately to 0.01Hz precision.

Another mode enables you to use the Data as a simple voltmeter and voltage generator. Incoming voltages can be visualized. In addition, in this mode you can also output exactly defined, constant voltages at the outputs. These can be set to be activated by pressing the buttons. Very practical for manually triggering / gating envelopes or switching through sequencers.

The Mordax Data is therefore not only an analysis tool, but can also output signals. And so there is also the possibility to use the Data as a high-precision dual oscillator. Up to two waveforms can be generated. These can be adjusted very precisely in frequency, amplitude and form / timbre (shape) and distortion (clip) and controlled via CV inputs. Following the logic of the Mordax Data, another mode is the use as quadruple clock generator. As master clock or synchronized to an external clock. Also here everything is exactly adjustable: The resolution in ppq (pulses per quarter = beats per quarter note) as global reference and on this basis dividing, multiplying and shifting the clock. Also in this mode everything is CV controllable.

Here is an overview of all programs:

  • Four channel oscilloscope with adjustable resolution for frequency (X-axis) and amplitude (Y-axis), as well as coupling of two inputs each as XY-Scope
  • Spectral Analyzer (Single-FFT) for displaying the distribution of individual frequency bands
  • Spectrograph (Multi-FFT) for displaying the movement of the frequency bands over time
  • Quad tuner accurate to 0.01 Hz
  • Quad voltage monitor / meter with definable constant output voltage that can be activated at the push of a button (manual gate)
  • Dual waveform generator with control over frequency, amplitude, shape and distortion (clip)
  • Quad Clock Generator defined in ppq from 1-96 with clock divider / multiplier and offset based on these settings. BPM can be set in 0.01 increments.

Four inputs, four thru connectors and four outputs.


3U Eurorack module, 16 HP, 35 mm depth

Current draw:
250 mA at +12 V, 60 mA at -12V

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