MUC-400 Eurorack MIDI/CV Interface


Universal, freely programmable MIDI/CV converter with eight channels and 16Bit conversion. It features v/oct, Hz/V, S-Trig, polyphonie, all 128 MIDI controllers, velocity, channel pressure, poly pressure, clock, trig and sync and much more. 16 outputs, eight of which can provide control voltages. Simultaneous use of 16 MIDI channels is great for polyphonic applications. 4 presets can be saved.



Most important functions of the converter:

  • Up to 8 CV outputs working simultaneously, can be used for V/octave, Hz/V, Velocitiy, Release, Pitch Bend, Channel Press, Poly Press and all 128 controllers.
  • Up to 16 trigger, gate, sync signals. The 8 digital outs can provide a level of 5V while the 8 CV outs can be configured with a variable level (3V to 10V in one Volt steps).
  • Free assignment of all 16 available MIDI channels for each of the 16 outputs. For example you can assign an own MIDI channel for each output.
  • You can set the pulse width for trigger and sync signals individually between 2ms and 0.5s. Default value is the usual 4ms.
  • Sync signals: clock (with any divider), Start, Stop, Reset, Start/Stop, Stop/Start.
  • Polyphony with up to 8 voices (without velocity) with plenty of adjustable priorities regarding selection of active voices or notes. Maximal number of voices of eight can be split to different MIDI channels.
  • Polyphonic velocity mode with maximum 4 voices (incl. velocity) and adjustable priorities regarding selection of active voices or notes.
  • The Volt/octave function allows for activating pitch bend and glide with different values.
    Note: Pitch bend and glide is not supported for Hz/Volt
  • Non-volatile memory for up to four presets


The manufacturer of this product is a small EDP company called EDV-Technik TS, ran by Mr. Thomas Spangemacher


MIDI In and Thru. 16 outputs for control voltages and/or gate signals


3U Eurorack module, 30HP wide, 44mm deep. Current draw 95mA

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