Mungo Enterprises - g0 Granular processor


The g0 is a high-end granular processor, which can manipulate audio signals in various ways. Pitch, playback position and speed as well as the size of the audio window are individually adjustable. Raw material can be fed into the module in real-time or by SD card. No matter if you want to stretch audio material, chop it up rhythmically and rearrange it or just create wild grain chaos, this is the module for you.



The g0 offers three modes of operation. While in hold mode, the module records audio material as long as a positive gate signal is applied to the reset input and continuously plays it back until a negative value is sensed at the before mentioned connector. Changes of the position / speed and size parameters are ignored during this period of time, only the pitch is tweakable.

With the record pause mode activated, positive reset signals stop the recording procedure. This method of operation becomes handy in case the user wants to capture particular sounds and manipulate them on the fly. All editing functions are fully functional every step of the way.

Using the playback mode, it is possible to transfer audio data from a SD card into the buffer of the g0 and tweak it afterwards. Provided that they are named correctly, samples can be loaded in sequence. All files must be 16 bit mono waveforms in the .wav format. The sample rate is ignored by the module. Up to 500.000 samples can be loaded into the buffer for real-time manipulation.

To edit audio material, the g0 features three function groups. Each is composed of one control voltage input plus attenuator knob and a potentiometer to set values manually. The subsequent circuits work with the standard 1V per second respectively 1V per octave.

The upper section gives the musician access to playback position and speed. The area below determines the size of the audio window. With the third function group, it is possible to alter the pitch of audio material. As usual with granular concepts, changes in pitch have no impact on the playback speed.  In case waveforms are played back from SD card respectively the buffer of the module, the socket otherwise used as audio input can be fed with a pitch signal of 1V per octave. Two outputs are available, one of them features a quantize function. As with other Mungo modules, the g0 delivers high definition, crystal clear sound.


With the optional Zoom expander module you can use all potentiometers (i.e. the parameter controls and the CV attenuators) of the Mungo modules with coarse, normal or very fine resolution. That is great for fine tuning frequencies or delay times. No matter how many Mungo modules you own, you need just one Zoom module.


SD card slot
input (1V oct when playback, else it's an audio input), audio output
reset input, 1V/oct tracking output
CV inputs: depth, width, frequency


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 36mm deep (50mm with Zoom cable)
current draw: each 25mA @ ±12V and 125mA @ +5V

0.2 kg
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