Mungo Enterprises - n0 Noise


Describing the n0 as a noise generator is a complete understatement! Yes, it can do noise and this over a huuuuge frequency range but this module from Mungo's Zero series can be way more: a random generator, variable waveshaping oscillator, clock divider, tepmo-synchronized LFO, slew limiter, filter and a S&H or T&H! A swiss army knife of the digital kind.



Parameters (from top to bottom):

  • peak amplitude of the noise signal, maintains constant power. CV input with linear attenuator
  • Frequency of the oscillator that triggers the sampling. Frequency starts at full stop. Voltage control wth 1V/oct charactersitic, with attenautor
  • Filter cutoff for filter and slew limiter functions. Slew rate goes to infinite. CV input with 1V/octave, with attenuator.

The blue function button selects whether the sampled signal passes the filter or the slew limiter. in combination with the Zoom module you can select the sampling source (noise, signal input or oscillator)
The signal input left of the blue button is DC coupled and acts as a 1V/oct input when noise/oscillator are sampled. The reset inuput underneath resets the oscillator or the sampling.
The output section is on the right hand side. The upper socket is the samples output. The bottom socket carries the unprocessed noise signal.
The black button swaps between sample & hold and track & hold fucntions. On the other hand it immediately triggers a sample when touched. With the Zoom module and the black button you can activate internal MIDI tracking of filter and oscillator.


With the optional Zoom expander module you can use all potentiometers (i.e. the parameter controls and the CV attenuators) of the Mungo modules with coarse, normal or very fine resolution. That is great for fine tuning frequencies or delay times. No matter how many Mungo modules you own, you need just one Zoom module.


CV inputs for width (amplitude), frequency and filter
signal input, reset input
sampled output, noise output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 36mm deep (50mm with Zoom cable)
current draw: each 25mA @ ±12V and 125mA @ +5V

0.2 kg
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