Mungo Enterprises - r0 Reverb


While many reverb modules have only "size" and "feedback" parameters and sometimes include a filter, the r0 uses a more complex and pretty unique approach. It models a room with adjustable size, width and decay time in which you can position the object separately from the pick-up/microphone. Pretty much like in a echo chamber, only with the difference that you can create extreme and unnatural rooms with the r0.



Size parameter sets the size of the entire sound stage, the width parameter is responsible for the width-to-depth ratio. If the width is zero, the sound is only able to bounce from front to back, creating a delay effect. The size can be voltage controlled.

Crucial for the r0's natural character is the possibility to locate both the sound source as well as "the microphone" along the room's length. If the source is closer to the wall the reflection behavoiur is a different than if it would stand i nthe middle of the room. Likewise the microphone: is it located closer to the object more direct sound is picked up. If it's very close to the wall, reflections will dominate. Both parameters follow the room's size and offer CV inputs.

The manually controllable decay parameter can be pushed to extreme values, with the r0 getting more and more un-realistic and sounding like a gated reverb.
If the reflections are to be realistic and duller than the original signal, you can dampen them with the filter control. Counterclockwise you activate a low pass fiter, clockwise a high passfilter.

Two audio outputs are available: the upper one emits the delayed signal only, the bottom one adds reflections.


With the optional Zoom expander module you can use all potentiometers (i.e. the parameter controls and the CV attenuators) of the mungo modules with coarse, normal or very fine resolution. That is great for fine tuning frequencies or delay times. No matter how many Mungo modules you own, you need just one zoom module.


Audio input, delay output (without reflections), reverb output (with reflections)
CV inputs: size, location of sound source, location of pickup


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 36mm deep (50mm with Zoom cable)
current draw: each 25mA @ ±12V and 125mA @ +5V

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