Mungo Enterprises - v0 Vocoder


The v0 is a spectral processor which can be used as a vocoder or bandpass filter. Features like an envelope respectively envelope follower, its freeze function and several control voltage inputs turn this module into a powerful tool for sound design.



The v0 offers two modes of operation. The first one turns the module into a bandpass filter. Cutoff and bandwidth can be adjusted manually plus there are control voltage inputs with attenuators for both parameters. Additionally, an envelope follower with editable attack and decay times was implemented. Thanks to its separate audio input and CV output, the modulator can not only be used for the bandpass filter, but for other modules as well.

In vocoder mode, the sockets otherwise utilized as envelope follower and filter input are employed to feed analysis and synthesis signals to the v0. Up to 64 bands can be used for sound manipulations. Via a gate input it is possible to activate the freeze function. Furthermore, the decay of the vocoder’s sound is adjustable. Beside the main output, there is a second socket for tapping off an envelope signal. It follows the high frequency remainder of the vocoder’s analysis. Therefore, in conjunction with some additional modules, it can be used for voiced / unvoiced switching.


With the optional Zoom expander module you can use all potentiometers (i.e. the parameter controls and the CV attenuators) of the Mungo modules with coarse, normal or very fine resolution. That is great for fine tuning frequencies or delay times. No matter how many Mungo modules you own, you need just one Zoom module.


analysis input, synthesis input, vocoder/filter output
hold input, envelope output
CV inputs: base frequency, filter width


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 36mm deep (50mm with Zoom cable)
current draw: each 25mA @ ±12V and 125mA @ +5V

0.2 kg
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