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A voltage controlled polarizer can be used for more than scaling and inverting CVs but due to its nature as a four quadrant multiplier it is also a VCA which not only attenuates but also inverts the signal. You might as well use it as a ring modulator!
Blinds contains not less than four of such polarizer circuits which all can generate an offset voltage, too.



Each channel consists of a polarizer which, unlike a VCA inverts negative CVs instead of muting them.
Per channel there's a signal input, a signal output, a potentiometer for setting the polarity and gain and eventuelly a CV input with a small polarizer for scaling the modulation.
The outputs of the four channels are cascaded and are mixed from top to bottom; an inserted cable will interrupt the mix. Example: if a cable is plugged to output 2, only channels 3 and 4 are mixed.


per channel: signal input, signal output, CV input


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 70mA at +12V and 70mA at -12V

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