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Granular audio processor focusing on instinctive real-time processing of audio sources from your modular, instead processing recorded samples like with other modules. Clouds fragments the audio into tiny particles (grains) and generates textures and sound clouds by combining up to 16 several overlapping, delayed and transposed grains which can even be frozen and diffused. Grain length, pitch, time distribution (density) and overlapping with other grains can be adjusted. Four different signal paths can be selected from.



The sound-relevant parameters Position, Size, Pitch, Desity and Texture can be voltage controlled ."Position" selects from which part of the audio buffer the grains are picked. "Density" controls how many grains are generated: in 12h position no grains, clockwise random grains will be seeded and counterclockwise grains with constant rate but increasing overlap. "Texture" morphs through different grain envelopes and beyond 3h-position a diffusor smears transients.
In extreme settings of the density and texture parameters four variations of granular processing algorithms are activated, see quickstart manual.

The voltage controlled blend parameter has four selectable mods:

  • dry/wet: bland between original audio material and processes signal.
  • crossfade/rotation: continously swaps panorama position of the L+R signals. Left channel is crossfaded to right output and vice versa.
  • feedback: parameter controls amount of feedback
  • reverb: the parameter adjusts reverb amount
The same button also selects audio quality (press and hold it for a second): 16kHz samoing rate with 8Bit resolution or 32kHz/16Bit, each either stereo or mono. The delay memory varies from 1s to 8s, depending on the mode. Attention: changing audio quality will erase audio buffer!

A trigger at the trigger input seeds exactly one grain, which allows for synchronizing the module's behaviour with LFOs or clocks.
Up to four "frozen" snapshots of the audio buffer can be saved and recalled.


Audio: inputs L+R (left normalled to right), outputs L+R
CV inputs for position, density, size, texture, 1V/oct and blend
freeze gate input, trigger input


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 120mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

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