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Quad generator for chiptune sounds. Each channel offers CV control of frequency, a FM CV-input and a gate input (note on /off). Additionally there are modulation options, a quantizer and a sequencer.



Waveforms for channels 1 - 3 are pulses with five selectable pulse widths. Additional modulation options are sync of channel 1 to 2, ring modulation on channels 1 & 2 or channels 1 & 3. Channel 4 generates either a NES-triangle or one of several flavors of pitched LFSR noise (LFSR = linear feedback shift register). Waveform selection is done with four buttons, each one per channel.

Every channel has a volume control and an individual output, a mix of all channels is available at the MIX output.
In addition the module features 8-step sequence recorder for each channel (individually clocked by the channel's GATE input), and input CV quantizer and a DIY MIDI interface.


Per channel there´s a 1V/octave input for frequncy, a FM modulation input, a gate input and an individual output. The four channels are being mixed internally; the mix is available at the MIX output


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 26mm deep
Current draw: 70mA at +12V, 20mA at -12V

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